Ep 111 – Clash of Champions & ROH Final Battle Predictions


This week Joe joins Taco and Tommy via satellite. They start with the awful Michael Elgin and Rich Swann news. Then talk Jericho’s brutal attack on Kenny Omega in Japan, Kenny’s retaliation, the new NWA Champion, CZW, F1rst Wrestling and discuss how the “Indies” could become the new “Territories” and how the NWA or Impact could capitalize.

On Raw they talk about 3 good matches, good charachter development from the cruiserweights and week two of Woken Matt Hardy.

On Smackdown we heard the scream of the Squirt Squad, the return of the Fashion Files (sort of,) Daniel Bryan joining the “Yep” movement and the guys predictions for Clash of Champions.

PLUS, NXT, Predictions for Ring of Honor Final Battle and some NJPW World Tag League finals talk